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QAP Air Flowmeters are made of top quality materials. Carefully selected type and thickness of platinum wire and ceramic components ensure great performance through appropriate fuel dosage. In case of any type of air flowmeters, regular replacement of air filter is needed. Because of poluted air, air flowmeter could work improperly or could even be damaged. Average lifespan of air flowmeter is stipulated for 120 000 km.
We offer oil and gas-oil shock absorbers. The shock absorbers we offer could fulfill seemingly opposite functions. On one hand they work smooth (they are comfortable), on the other hand they grip the road in excellent way (they are stiff). Important: always replace both shock absorbers at one axis.
QAP brake discs are top quality, made of gray pearlitic iron cast with equally spaced graphite flakes. During process of production special care is dedicated to minimize of thickness error and maximize the balance. QAP brake discs are efficient, reliable and durable.
We offer a wide range of fuel pumps for petrol engines. QAP fuel pumps are offered at competitive prices both for our commercial partners and garages. All our customers are convinced that they mount best quality products. QAP fuel pumps are reliable in cold Scandinavian countries, as well as in hot Spain.
Nasze pompy sprawdzają się zarówno w zimnej Skandynawii, jak i gorącej Hiszpani.
QAP water pumps are reliable, durable and efficient. Each stage of production process, from casting components to assembling is controlled restrictively.
QAP c.v. joints are produced according to latest technologies.
C.v. joint's body is made using press machines. Hub is drilled, thermally hardened and finally grinded. Such technology allows us to produce precise and mechanically resistant elements. QAP c.v. joints are durable and reliable.
QAP brake pads are produced from non-asbestos grinded elements.
All components used for production are delivered by reliable certified suppliers. The quality of QAP brake pads is tested on Swiss mountain roads.